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In most tax audits the IRS is only attracted in collecting the taxes owed, along with interest plus a few penalties. Possibly the IRS might inflict a negligence penalty or a late filing penalty fee. However, if during the tax audit the IRS suspects that you have committed tax fraud they can inflict a civil tax fraud penalty. The civil tax evasion penalty is equates to 75% of the tax owed, plus interest on the penalty. Worse yet the IRS tax auditor might ask the tax evasion referral specialist to look at your case to see if it should be sent to the IRS Criminal Investigation unit for criminal tax prosecution. The IRS tax evasion referral specialist is usually not a tax lawyer, however, he has experience in tax fraud cases, and will seek the advice of the IRS' own tax evasion lawyers for help if it seems essential.

Felony Tax Evasion crimes include filing a false tax return, tax evasion, filing false documents, failure to collect employment taxes, failure to pay taxes, and failing to file a tax return.

The penalties for criminal tax evasion are very serious. They range up to 5 years in jail, plus fines of up to $500,000, plus the costs of prosecution for each separate tax evasion crime. Once the criminal tax evasion case is finished the IRS Criminal Investigation unit will refer the case back to the IRS Examination Division where the taxes will be assessed, and the IRS can be likely to add on the civil tax evasion penalty, on top of any criminal tax evasion fines.

"What is the difference between tax evasion, and a simple mistake?" Generally tax evasion involves an intentional wrongdoing. Mere carelessness is not tax evasion.

The IRS decides whether tax evasion has been committed by looking for badges of tax evasion. These badges include:

  • Understatements of income;
  • Inadequate records;
  • Failure to file tax returns;
  • Implausible or inconsistent explanations of behavior;
  • Concealment of assets;
  • Failure to cooperate with tax authorities;
  • Engaging in illegal activities;
  • Attempting to conceal illegal activities;
  • Dealing in cash; and
  • Failure to make estimated tax payments

  • If you have any of these tax evasion problems and the IRS audits you, you may need to engage a felony tax evasion lawyer. Actions you take during the course of a tax audit can turn a run of the mill tax controversy into a tax evasion case. For example, lying or giving evasive answers to IRS investigators, delaying tactics, and other actions designed to mislead IRS agents are all indicia of felony tax evasion.

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    An experienced tax evasion attorney can help you navigate the treacherous waters of an IRS tax audit, and help formulate an effective strategy. Whether and when to answer questions from the IRS, or whether to stand on your 5th Amendment rights, are questions that only a tax fraud lawyer can help you answer. Your financial freedom, as well as your personal freedom may depend on the right answers. For example in one recent case handled by affiliated tax lawyers at Wise Laws, the IRS alleged that our client had failed to report over $200,000 in income and didn't file tax returns for more than 4 years. Nevertheless we ultimately settled the case for much less than the IRS first demanded, and without paying any tax evasion penalties.

    If you or your accountant even suspects that you might be subject to a criminal or civil tax evasion penalty you owe it to yourself to arrange for an appointment with Wise Laws.

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    Arrested For Buying or Selling Steroids

    Dealing With Steroids and HGH Charges

    We handle all types of steroid criminal defense issues and cases in from the distribution of steroids to buying anabolic steroids to buying and selling human growth hormones (HGH) . We have handled major steroid drug distribution cases as well as successfully defended illegal steroid manufacturing and distribution steroid houses.

    About Our Felony Steroid Defense Lawyers

    Wise Laws has federal criminal defense lawyers who specialize in steroid defense cases ranging from minor possession to large-scale steroid distribution rings. Our experience includes federal drug cases of all types form steroids to meth to cocaine but he spends a lot of time practicing with cases dealing in the realm of performance enhancing substances and anabolic steroids as well SERMs, SARMS, Sermorelin Acetate, GHRP-6, GHRP-2, IGF-1 LR3, Pramipexole HCL, Isotretinoin, Tamoxifen Citrate, Clomiphine Citrate, AROMATASE INHIBITORS, Anastrozole, Letrozole, Exemestane, GW-501516, BETA AGONISTS, Liothyronine Sodium, Clenbuterol HCL, 5-ALPHA REDUCTASE BLOCKERS, Finasteride, ENZYME INHIBITORS, Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil Citrate. Steroid distribution / selling cases raise unique questions, issues, laws, and approaches that other types of drug cases do not raise. Wise Laws federal criminal defense lawyers have a distinct knowledge of those unique features and it is what separates them from other criminal defense attorneys that handle steroid and HGH distribution and manufacturing cases as if they were normal drug cases. Not every criminal defense lawyer can offer the experience and knowledge to defend you in a steroid selling, manufacturing and distribution case with steroid charges.

    Felony Steroid Possession vs Felony Steroid Trafficking

    The main difference from being charged with anabolic steroid possession versus being charged with possession of anabolic steroids with intent to distribute steroids can be the difference from getting probation compared to many years in jail or prison. With general drugs like cocaine and weed, it is easy to determine the use for personal versus selling based upon the weight amount, but steroid users do not follow the same sets of weights that those users do, so many steroid users get charged with selling rather than simple possession.

    Steroid possession of what seems like large quantity of HGH and or anabolic steroid allows the prosecutors to determine that you were engaging in distribution and selling steroids as well when the reality it may have been just personal use. This is a mistake that can be pointed out by an experienced defense attorney regards steroid cases. Steroid users purchase in large amounts as opposed to cocaine users. This pertains to other chemicals besides steroids such as SERMs, SARMS, Sermorelin Acetate, GHRP-6, GHRP-2, IGF-1 LR3, Pramipexole HCL, Isotretinoin, Tamoxifen Citrate, Clomiphine Citrate, AROMATASE INHIBITORS, Anastrozole, Letrozole, Exemestane, GW-501516, BETA AGONISTS, Liothyronine Sodium, Clenbuterol HCL, 5-ALPHA REDUCTASE BLOCKERS, Finasteride, ENZYME INHIBITORS, Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil Citrate (research chemicals).

    Tallahassee Steroid Lawyers - Orlando Steroid Lawyers - Dallas Steroid Lawyers - Fort Worth Steroid Lawyers - Honolulu Steroid Lawyers - Boise Steroid Lawyers - Bismarck Steroid Lawyers - Grafton Steroid Lawyers - Raleigh Steroid Lawyers - Durham Steroid Lawyers - Santa Fe Steroid Lawyers - Albuquerque Steroid Lawyers - Albany Steroid Lawyers - Phoenix Steroid Lawyers - Peoria Steroid Lawyers - Las Vegas Steroid Lawyers - Louisville Steroid Lawyers - Little Rock Steroid Lawyers - Los Angeles Steroid Lawyers - Miami Steroid Lawyers - Des Moines Steroid Lawyers - New Haven Steroid Lawyers - Indianapolis Steroid Lawyers - Detroit Steroid Lawyers - Joplin Steroid Lawyers - Biloxi Steroid Lawyers - Oklahoma City Steroid Lawyers - Portland Steroid Lawyers - Sioux Falls Steroid Lawyers - Nashville Steroid Lawyers - Memphis Steroid Lawyers - Houston Steroid Lawyers - Tacoma Steroid Lawyers - Minneapolis Steroid Lawyers - Provo Steroid Lawyers - Tulsa Steroid Lawyers -Annapolis Steroid Lawyers - Sacramento Steroid Lawyers - Denver Steroid Lawyers - Charlotte Steroid Lawyers - Boston Steroid Lawyers - Olympia Steroid Lawyers - Atlanta Steroid Lawyers - Santa Monica Steroid Lawyers - Malibu Steroid Lawyers - Tucson Steroid Lawyers - Scottsdale Steroid Lawyers - Beverly Hills Steroid Lawyers - Boca Raton Steroid Lawyers

    Federal Sentencing Steroid Distribution Charges

    Many lawyers believe that, under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for steroid cases, there is not much room for the defense lawyer to advocate for his client that is charged with steroid distribution. These ineffective steroid defense lawyers approach sentencing in federal court, not as an opportunity to affect the outcome in a positive way for his client; but, rather, as an exercise in arithmetic. Their approach goes no further than to explain the sentencing guideline calculation to the client. Nothing could be less helpful to the defendant in a steroid distribution case.

    What Federal Penalties Will I Face In A Steroid Distribution Case?

    The Below Are The Federal Penalties For Steroid Distribution and Possession:

  • Simple possession of steroids with no prior offenses
  • Up to a year in federal prison; and/or
  • Minimum fine of $1,000.
  • Simple possession of steroids with certain prior convictions
  • Minimum 15 days in prison, and up to two years prison; and/or
  • Minimum fine of $2,000.
  • Possession of steriods with intent to sell
  • Up to five years prison; and/or
  • Minimum fine of $5,000.

  • What State Penalties Will I Face For Steroid Distribution?

  • Simple steroid possession can be defined

  • As either a misdemeanor or felony, and one may face jail time of up to 2 years if in a state where steroid possession is deemed a felony. A fine will usually be assessed in states that list steroids as a misdemeanor.

    The distribution and sale of steroids is a felony in every state, and in some states, the penalty for the sale of steroids can be up to 7 years in prison according to law.

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    Arrested For Stalking And Harassment Lawyers

    Stalking is a criminal offense and should not be taken lightly, stalking can be defined by, a series of actions that are placed on a person in fear for their safety. Stalkers tend to start with repetitious behavior, annoying behavior toward a person by means of the Internet, personal contact, telephone, cell phone, email, fax, in person, car following or other methods of contact. When this unwanted behavior persists and continues on without desire, it is deemed stalking and punishable and Federal Laws.

    A stalking arrest can be a very severe matter and the best stalking criminal defense lawyers affiliated with Wise Laws, know what needs to be done to defend this stalking charge. Our team of stalking lawyers is knowledgeable in stalking cases. We will review the facts of your case and devise a plan for providing the best possible defense to your stalking indictment. If you have been arrested or indicted for stalking, a lawyer affiliated with our office is accessible immediately to discuss your stalking case and answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity, as an initial consultation with a lawyer is free of charge.

    Stalking Behavior

  • Watch, follow, threaten, harass, loiter, vandalize
  • Assault, including sexual, emotional, and physical
  • Repeatedly make unwanted cell phone and/or telephone calls
  • Send repeated mail, gifts, and/or packages
  • Cyber stalk with Internet usage
  • Send repeated, unwanted email messages


    A person is guilty of stalking when they, "willfully and maliciously and repeatedly follow or harass an additional person and make credible threats with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety or that of an immediate family member". Stalking can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor resulting in severe penalties.

    Explanation of the Stalking Law

    In order for an individual to be guilty of stalking, his conduct must be such that a reasonable person in the "victims" shoes would be imminently threatened. The prior relationship and actions of the accused is relevant in this regard, such as, for example, whether any prior threats were made and acted upon. An exception is carved out under the law, however, for group picketing. The stalking lawyers at our firm are experienced in handling criminal cases of this nature and know how to best present the facts so that a client is provided maximum protection.

    Victims of Stalking

    If in fact you are the victim of a stalker, please contact your local law enforcement agency and file a police report. It is likely that criminal charges would be submitted and filed if there is enough evidence. Alternatively, you may wish to file a restraining order against your stalker to hinder further stalking.

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    If you are convicted of stalking harassment, you face up to two and one half years imprisonment in a house of correction or a fine of up to $1,000, or both. If you have been charged with this stalking offense, call Wise Laws.

    Best Solicitation Lawyers

    Best Solicitation Lawyers

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    Serving People Dealing with Solicitation Arrest

    Prosecutors are more and more interested in securing convictions for not explicit sex crimes. Such charges often do not involve charges of authentic sexual conduct by the defendant. Rather, they include crimes such as enticement, living off proceeds of Solicitation, keeping a house of ill repute and soliciting customers for Solicitation and sexual based acts. If you have been charged with Solicitation, Solicitation or other non-violent sex crime, contact Wise Laws ASAP. We have the experience and resources to build a strong defense against soliciting or Solicitation charges.

    Examples of our Solicitation and sex Solicitation cases

  • Enticement for Solicitation or sex
  • Drugging or detaining for Solicitation or sex
  • Inducing a person under eighteen to have sex
  • Inducing a minor into Solicitation, including chat room Solicitation
  • Living off or sharing earnings of minor or adult prostitute
  • Soliciting for prostitution
  • Procuring a person to practice, or enter a place for, Solicitation
  • Keeping house of ill repute
  • Using public places such as restaurants or bars for soliciting
  • Multiple convictions of streetwalking
  • Public lewdness

  • Charged With Solicitation Cases

    Many Solicitation cases in matters such charges. Wise Laws is able to defend clients cases with our team of affiliated Solicitation defense attorneys spread across the United States. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in the region and nationally regarding sexual Solicitation cases. Their knowledge of and local sexual obscenity laws is across-the-board. This allows our lawyers to readily discover weaknesses and problems in a prosecutors solicitation case.

    Solicitation and Felony Solicitation charges often require technology proficiency

    Cases such as these often include charges of Internet crimes in todays technological society. It is important to have a Solicitation attorney knowledgeable about computer technology and its role in criminal charges related to escort or Solicitation. At Wise Laws, we use hardware and software specialists who can determine whether evidence cited by police should lead to criminal charges.

    Tallahassee Solicitation Lawyers - Orlando Solicitation Lawyers - Dallas Solicitation Lawyers - Fort Worth Solicitation Lawyers - Honolulu Solicitation Lawyers - Boise Solicitation Lawyers - Bismarck Solicitation Lawyers - Grafton Solicitation Lawyers - Raleigh Solicitation Lawyers - Durham Solicitation Lawyers - Santa Fe Solicitation Lawyers - Albuquerque Solicitation Lawyers - Albany Solicitation Lawyers - Phoenix Solicitation Lawyers - Peoria Solicitation Lawyers - Las Vegas Solicitation Lawyers - Louisville Solicitation Lawyers - Little Rock Solicitation Lawyers - Los Angeles Solicitation Lawyers -Miami Solicitation Lawyers - Des Moines Solicitation Lawyers - New Haven Solicitation Lawyers - Indianapolis Solicitation Lawyers - Detroit Solicitation Lawyers - Joplin Solicitation Lawyers - Biloxi Solicitation Lawyers - Oklahoma City Solicitation Lawyers - Portland Solicitation Lawyers - Sioux Falls Solicitation Lawyers - Nashville Solicitation Lawyers - Memphis Solicitation Lawyers - Houston Solicitation Lawyers - Tacoma Solicitation Lawyers - Minneapolis Solicitation Lawyers - Provo Solicitation Lawyers - Tulsa Solicitation Lawyers - Annapolis Solicitation Lawyers - Sacramento Solicitation Lawyers - Denver Solicitation Lawyers - Charlotte Solicitation Lawyers - Boston Solicitation Lawyers - Olympia Solicitation Lawyers - Atlanta Solicitation Lawyers - Santa Monica Solicitation Lawyers -Malibu Solicitation Lawyers - Tucson Solicitation Lawyers - Scottsdale Solicitation Lawyers - Beverly Hills Solicitation Lawyers - Boca Raton Solicitation Lawyers

    Constitutional issues in many sex crime cases become the bottom line

    Often charges of Solicitation are based on entrapment. When a police officer pretends to be a minor available to meet an adult for sex, it is often possible to argue that the sting operation was directed at the wrong person or was conducted illegally. Our lawyers are skilled at developing constitutional arguments that get results for clients.

    Representing clients during the entire process of Solicitation charges

    We provide spirited representation that protects the rights and interests of our clients throughout the criminal justice process. We are with you at all stages, including:

  • Initial investigation of Solicitation
  • Extradition during Solicitation
  • Arrest for Solicitation
  • Grand jury indictment during Solicitation cases
  • Solicitation charging
  • Bail hearing for Solicitation charges
  • Arraignment for Solicitation
  • Plea negotiations for sexual Solicitation
  • Trial for Solicitation
  • Verdict
  • Pre-sentencing investigation and reports
  • Post-conviction appeals, writs and motions
  • Probation for Solicitation
  • Jail or prison
  • Parole

  • 24 Hours 7 Days per week LOCAL best Lawyer For Solicitation